Our Mission

Caring Voices is a strength-based agency, registered with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. We provide a caring and structured environment for individuals who face cognitive, developmental and physical challenges in their daily lives. We are fully committed to providing service and support that is centered around the needs of the individuals in our care.

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The approach taken by Caring Voices is to  look beyond the disability, focus on the capabilities and try to expand possibilities. With these 3 key points firmly in mind, we feel that can achieve our ultimate goal of helping individuals to realize their full potential and give them confidence in their uniqueness.
The needs that we meet at Caring Voices are as diverse and varying as the individuals that make up the communities that we serve.
For individuals, the need for guidance, knowledge or development of skills in specific areas is important. For a parent, knowing that your child is safe and well cared for while you get much needed rest could be your need.
Whatever the need, Caring Voices is there to help by providing support.